TAP 6-R is a six-key double-tap and slide action touch keyboard designed specifically for convenient typing on smartphones and small tablet devices. No.6 was designed with user comfort as the highest priority. No.6's keys are almost twice the size of keys on traditional boards. Because it has far fewer and larger keys it is far less prone to typing error.

Get it now for less!

An Early Adopter's Release of TAP 6-R is currently available at an introductory price of $0.99. This price will be going up with the 1.0 release.

A.I. Optimized Layout

The keyboard layout of No.6 was not picked at random like "qwerty". Rather it was evolved by an artificial genetic algorithm to maximize ergonomics and phonetic organization. The layout strikes a perfect balance between ease of learning and ease of typing.


Double tapping is a signature feature of Tapphonic keyboards. It makes it possible to have many fewer, only six of which are actually needed to type all letters and numbers. Double-tapping might seem like an inefficient approach to typing at first, but once you have become accustomed to the layout it quickly becomes a natural way to type. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Slide Action

Punctuation and short-cut control functions are available via quick slide actions. Simply by sliding in any of the four directions from a specific key provides access to hundreds of punctuation symbols and emojis. There isn't another keyboard out there that comes close!

Word Prediction

TAP 6-R includes a 60,000 word dictionary and a solid word prediction engine to hasten your typing along. Unlike other touch keyboards, our engine doesn't try to out smart you and pick words for you (unless you want it to). Instead it presents the suggestions and makes it easy for you to select one.

Tapphonic's prediction engine is also *predictable*. Other prediction engines get too fancy, as if they could ever read your mind. Instead Tapphonic uses a predictable bigramatic system, so given a word, it will always present you with the same suggestions. This means you can get to know the word prediction engine and come to depend on it, allowing you to type even faster without error.