Tapphonic No. 3 is a twelve key double-tap and slide action touch keyboard designed specifically for convenient typing on smartphone devices. Because it has far fewer keys compared to typical keyboard it is actually possible to touch type!



To type a letter press any of the six central keys. Each key is associated with six letter choices which will be shown. Press one of six central keys again and the letter shown will be inserted into the input field.


Sliding can result in one of three different actions: typing a punctuation mark, bringing up a selection menu of optional characters or initiating a control function. Sliding is performed by touching one of the twelve keys, sliding it to another key, then lifting your finger from the board. All punctuation marks start with the six central keys. Options character selections start with the corner keys. And control functions all start with the upper or lower central key.

Long Pressing

Pressing and holding a key will present the corresponding slideboard. These are the same keys that are used when sliding. This provides an alternate way to select the same keys and to learn the sliding actions visually.

Word Prediction

While typing a word, your Tapphonic keyboard will present the most probable completion of that word given the current letters. This suggestion can be selected by either pressing the word itself or pressing the select-space key. To not use the suggested word press the normal space key. When between words, the keyboard will suggest the most likely word that most commonly occurs after the prior word typed.


You can get to settings by sliding from the bottom central key to the upper left key. A menu of settings will appear:

  • Auto-Capitalization
    Auto-capitalize sentences and the word "I".
  • Fix Punctuation
    Remove extraneous spaces before punctuation marks.
  • Whole Word Suggestion
    Add a space after selecting a word suggestion.
  • Auto-Completion
    Central space key selects suggestion. Defaults to true.
  • Keyboard Layout
    Select keyboard layout.
  • Keyboard Handedness
    Orient layout for right-handed or left-handed user.
  • Number Pad Layout
    Layout the numeric keypad like a phone or a calculator.
  • Spacebar Style
  • Key Click
    Produce a click sound when pressing a key. Defaults to true.
  • Key Vibe
    Gently vibrate the phone when pressing a key. Defaults to false.