Tapphonic No. 3 is a twelve key double-tap and slide action touch keyboard designed specifically for convenient typing on smartphone devices. Because it has far fewer keys compared to typical keyboard it is actually possible to touch type!

FAQs & Tips

How fast can one type?

While obviously you will not be able to type as fast as one can on a standard computer keyboard, Tapphonic No.3 enables you to type faster than any other touch type keyboard available for a small-screen touch device. Sustained speeds over 40 words-per-minute are possible.

How hard is it to learn?

It goes like this: The first day it's all hunt an peck. The second day through about the first week it's only half hunt and peck. The common letters start to become second nature. From the second week through the third week more and more of the layout becomes second nature. By the time you've used the keyboard for about three weeks it's all silky smooth.

This pattern of learning is actually not specific to learning to type on the Tapphonic keyboard. It is the general pattern of building any kind of new habit. It takes about three weeks to get it down cold.

Is there a way to speed up the learning curve?

Yes! Practice typing blind. The most common deterrent holding you back is your own over-consciousness of what you are doing. Try to relax and forget about the details and just let it happen.

Be Precise When Sliding!

When performing a slide action, be sure to be precise. Sliding too quickly can sometimes register as a key press rather then a slide.